The Man with the Clubfoot - Valentine Williams

The Man with the Clubfoot ebook

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If you like English adventure and spy stories, during the Great War, Valentine Williams is for you. The brothers Okewood, Desmond and Francis, will steal your heart and inspire you to mix it up with any passing Hun. Desmond Okewood is a young British officer in the First World War who goes to Germany on an important secret mission. The Kaiser has written a letter which both the British and the Germans are eager to get their hands on. Desmond has a series of misadventures and soon attracts the unwelcome attention of Dr. Adolf Grundt, known as „Clubfoot”. „Clubfoot” that sinister figure, who limps menacingly, is one of the most cunning and dangerous secret agents in Europe and he wants not only the Kaiser’s letter, but the capture and death of Desmond Okewood. In „The Man with the Clubfoot”, Valentine Williams has written a thrilling romance of mystery, love, and intrigue that in every sense of the word may be described as „breathless”.
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