The History of Mr Polly - Herbert George Wells

The History of Mr Polly ebook

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An intriguing HG Wells work, not of the sci-fi variety, which details a man’s struggle to find himself and get along with his world. Published in 1910, this novel is the story of Alfred Polly, a generally non-descript member of the English lower middle class. The story begins when he is thirty-five years old, miserably unhappy with his life, both his circumstances and himself. In other words, he is a man with a badly muddled sense of reality who, sick of the life that he leads, burns down the outfitter’s shop that he has come to hate, gives his wife half of the insurance money, and disappears, exchanging his „acceptable” life as a shopkeeper for that of a wanderer. Unexpected events, however, conspire at the last moment to lead the bewildered Mr. Polly to a bright new future – after he saves a life, fakes his death, and escapes to a life of heroism, hope and ultimate happiness.
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