Lords of the World - A Tale of the Fall of Carthage and Corinth - Alfred J. Church

Lords of the World ebook
A Tale of the Fall of Carthage and Corinth

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WIĘCEJ O EBOOKU - „Lords of the World”

The hero of this book is a Greek enemy of Rome, who vainly tries to resist the all-conquering Romans. During the course of his trials he befriends Hasdrubal, the Carthaginian general, Polybius, the great historian of the Punic Wars, and Scipio the Younger, the general who conquers Carthage. During the course of his struggle, he begins to understand the weaknesses of the Greek and Punic civilizations, and why they are unable to resist the domination of Rome. Originally published in 1897, this early work on „Lords of the World” is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. Extensively illustrated throughout and with chapters including; The fate of the Melcart, The last of a veteran, At thermopyle and The prisoners plus many more, this is a fascinating read for any historian.
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