Dick and Dolly - Carolyn Wells

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„Dick and Dolly” was published in 1909 and told in a manner which makes the story really true to young readers. It is the story of nine-year old orphan twins (brother and sister) who have to move from one aunt’s home to live with some other aunt in Connecticut. This transfer of their dwelling-place didn’t bother Dick and Dolly much, for they were philosophical little people and took things just as they happened, and, moreover, they were so fond of each other, that so long as they were together, it didn’t matter to them where they were. But to the two people who lived in the old Dana place, and who were about to receive the twin charges, it mattered a great deal. Although written over 100 years ago, the issues facing orphaned children and those who care for them are as timely today as they were then.
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