Bomba, the Jungle Boy at the Giant Cataract - Roy Rockwood

Bomba, the Jungle Boy at the Giant Cataract ebook

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In this volume the reader is taken into the depth of the jungle where he meets Bomba in a life replete with thrilling situations. You meet Cody Casson, the old naturalist, and the White Hunters, Jake Dorn and Ralph Gillis who gives Bomba a Harmonica, matches, and revolver for saving their lives. The old naturalist gives him a hint of his father and his mother, and Bomba sets off to solve the mystery of his identity. He treks through the Amazon jungle to the Island of Snakes to find an old witch who may know the secret of his origins. From Moving Mountain Bomba travels to the Giant Cataract, still searching out his parentage. Among the Pilati Indians he finds some white captives. He finds, too, an aged woman who had at one time been a great operatic singer, and she is the first to give Bomba real news of his forebears.
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